We have (and continue to build) Strategic Partnerships with World Class technology companies/ manufacturers across the globe. The strength of our partnerships with these manufacturers range from Preferred Partner status to Authorized Exclusive Distributor to Authorized Reseller.

Some of the key Partners include:



“The Power to do more” – PC, Networking, Enterprise Systems & Solutions

Dell Inc. is an American privately owned multinational computer technology company based in Round Rock, Texas, United States, that develops, sells, repairs and supports computers and related products and services. For more than 28 years, Dell has empowered countries, communities, customers and people everywhere to use technology to realize their dreams. Customers trust us to deliver technology solutions that help them do and achieve more, whether they’re at home, work, school or anywhere in their world. Over the past few years, Dell has transformed into becoming an IT Services company.

Equipment Hall is Tier 1 Preferred Partner and Dell Storage Partner.



NUITEQ’s touchscreen software – Snowflake MultiTeach® and Snowflake Business

NUITEQ is a multi-award winning world leader in collaborative touch screen software solutions for corporate meeting rooms. The company is re-imagining and redefining education, meeting room & entertainment technology. Its software suite of collaborative apps helps to attract audiences, engage them and leave memorable impressions. The Snowflake software is used in over 70 countries. NUITEQ’s vision is to empower educators, business professionals and companies in their day-to-day work through the use of touchscreen technology.

Equipment Hall is an Authorised Reseller.



There is a big difference between buying a mount or stand and choosing a Vogel’s.

Vogel’s has evolved into an international successful company that manufactures a highly distinctive range of mounts and support systems for audio/video & multimedia equipment. Our products combine versatile functionality and robust performance with sleek design. For almost 45 years, Vogel’s solutions have been based on the talent and commitment of people who care passionately about the products they create and the customers who use them.

Equipment Hall is an Authorised Reseller.



“For those who do” – wide range of PC, smartphone, tablet, smart TV, server, workstation and storage

Founded in 1984 in a guard shack in Beijing, Lenovo grew to become China’s leading PC company, and then acquired IBM’s Personal Computing Division, the creators of the first personal computer.  Lenovo is one of the world’s leading personal technology companies, producing innovative PCs and mobile internet devices. Whether a PC, smartphone, tablet, smart TV, server, workstation or storage, Lenovo makes the products that customers need for what we call the “PC+ world.” Lenovo is creating real differentiation from the competition thanks to its vertically integrated end-to-end business model.

Equipment Hall is an Authorised Reseller.




“Make it Matter” – PC, Networking, Enterprise Systems & Solutions

Since 1939, Hewlett-Packard has been a leader in technology and corporate culture, inspiring innovators and entrepreneurs around the globe. After being in existence for the past 75years, they have more recently embarked on projects to combine creative thinking with technology towards transforming lives, energizing businesses and empowering communities.

 Equipment Hall is an Authorised Reseller.



“The Art of Hi-Tech” – luxury and state-of-the-art technologies at competitive prices

Prestigio is a Public traded multinational company owned by the ASBIS group. It is a fast-growing and well-established international brand sold in 63 countries and is increasingly ranked among the most regarded brands in emerging markets across the EMEA (Europe, Middle-East & Africa) region.  They have operated in the global market for over a decade, with a business model that offers luxury and state-of-the-art technologies aimed at competing within the mid to high-end market.  Prestigio crafts innovative IT and consumer electronic products of superior quality, style and affordability

Equipment Hall is the Authorized Exclusive Distributor for West Africa


Shuttle logo

Shuttle is a global information technology and manufacturing leader established as a manufacturer of computer motherboards.

Shuttle is a manufacturer of motherboards, barebone computers, complete PC systems and monitors. Throughout the last 10 years, Shuttle has been one of the world’s top 10 motherboard manufacturers, and gained fame in 2001 with the introduction of the Shuttle SV24, one of the world’s first commercially successful small form factor computers.  Shuttle XPC small form factor computers tend to be popular among PC enthusiasts and hobbyists, although in 2004 Shuttle started a campaign to become a brand name recognized by mainstream PC consumers.

Equipment Hall is the Authorized Exclusive Distributor for West Africa

Mozaik Education

Mozaik Education

Digital Education System for interactive whiteboard, learning at home and for school administration

Mozaik Education started as a textbook publisher 25 years ago, and has since become the largest digital education system provider in Hungary, producing educational materials to the highest European standards.

In 2005, the company took the initiative to invest heavily in the development of digital products, and today owns one of the most complete digital education systems in the sector, mozaLearn. The system consists of three main platforms. They are mozaBook, a complete teacher suite developed for in-class presentation, mozaWeb, the system’s home learning platform for students, and mozaLog, a digital school administration system. These three are connected via a cloud containing digital educational content, including more than one thousand interactive 3D scenes, 700 educational videos, and also audio files, thematic tools and games aimed at skill development.

The mozaLearn system is capable of integrating local textbooks, which can be enriched with interactive educational material (3Ds, videos, games). The enriched versions of the local textbooks can be accessed in both mozaBook, the in-class teaching platform, and on mozaWeb, the platform for home learning.

Since the company’s objective is to continue expanding into international markets, both our in-class teaching and home learning platform has been translated to more than 20 languages.

Equipment Hall is the Authorized Exclusive Distributor for Nigeria

NetSupport Ltd

NetSupport School

Classroom Instruction, Orchestration, Monitoring & Management

NetSupport School is the market-leading classroom software solution for schools. Working across all platforms, NetSupport School supports a teacher with a wealth of dedicated assessment, monitoring, collaboration and control features to ensure they can leverage the very best from their ICT equipment.

Rising to the challenge and requirements of the modern classroom, NetSupport School provides the ability to Orchestrate and deliver lesson content, work collaboratively and monitor student PCs, ensuring that complete student attention and focus is maintained at all times. There are no hidden extras: all features are included as standard including dedicated Teacher, Classroom Assistant and Technician modules.

NetSupport Classroom software is designed to work flawlessly over both wired and wireless networks with desktops, laptops or tablets and for use in traditional PC, thin client or virtualised environments.

Classroom Monitoring, Management, Orchestration and Collaboration = NetSupport School

Equipment Hall is an Authorized Reseller



“Smart, Safe, Simple”

Variety of accessories for Mac & other products; Security Solutions for Tablets, Laptops & Desktops

Founded in 1981 and headquartered in Redwood Shores, California, Kensington is the technology division of ACCO Brands (NYSE: ACCO), a world leader in branded office products with annual revenues of nearly $1.50 billion and products marketed in more than 120 countries around the globe. Products range from desktop and laptop security solutions to tablet and phone accessories, rugged ‘health sensitive’ laptop backpacks and products.

Equipment Hall is the Authorized Distributor for Nigeria.



PIP – People Inspired Products – Tablet & Phone Protective Cases; Energy Surge Protectors

Belkin International, Inc., is an American manufacturer of consumer electronics that specializes in connectivity devices. It sells various consumer and commercial product lines, including routersiPod and iPhone accessories, mobile computing accessories, surge protectorsnetwork switches, hubs, USB and computer network cablesKVM switches, racks and enclosures, and other peripherals.  Their commitment to innovation, research and design has inspired over 2,000 products and 200 patent designs.

Equipment Hall is an Authorized Reseller.




OCR Technology & Document Management

IRIS is a global IT company based in the USA, focused solely on the provision of relative solutions capable of assisting individuals and companies to better manage their, documents, data and information, by the development of technologies and products for Intelligent Document Recognition.  Most of their products range from modern user-friendly Scanners to document managing software.

Equipment Hall is the Authorized Distributor for Nigeria.



Data Storage Solutions – RAMS, USB Flash Drives, Hard Drives

A USA based manufacturer, founded in May 2001, ADATA Technology Co., Ltd. is committed to providing top-notch memory solutions that enrich the customer’s digital life. The company’s dedication to integrity and professionalism has made ADATA the leading memory brand with the most award-winning product designs.  Backed by technical expertise, state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities, and premium customer service, ADATA offers complete memory solutions including DRAM modules, USB flash drives, memory cards, solid state drives and portable hard drives.

Equipment Hall is an Authorized Reseller.



Label Printers & Electronic devices

Seiko Instruments is one of the leading manufacturers of electronic components. Since 1983 they have been supplying high-tech products in the fields of telecommunication, point of sales and industrial applications in Europe, Africa and the Middle East. Our customers – who are the market leaders themselves in their respective business sectors – value our high level of performance.

Equipment Hall is the Authorized Distributor for Nigeria.



Network Solutions – Switches, Modems, Routers

TRENDnet is a global provider of award winning networking solutions to small and medium size business and home users. Building networking solutions since 1990, TRENDnet enables users to share broadband access, multimedia content and networked peripherals for true anywhere connectivity. TRENDnet’s diverse product line includes Wireless, Fiber, Switch, Gigabit, Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP), Keyboard/Video/Mouse (KVM), Internet Camera, Print Server, Powerline, Bluetooth, Storage Server, Power over Ethernet (PoE), and Multimedia Accessories.

Equipment Hall is an Authorized Reseller.