The Interactive meeting room solution from WOWBII is a beautifully crafted solution with a promise to transform your business with its enhanced productivity features all at an incredible price. Some features and capabilities with the interactive solution includes:

  • Annotation Write on an unbound space without having to delete.
  • Collaboration Interact with colleagues on strategy, brainstorming sessions and mind-mapping.
  • Presentation Get your audience hooked on to your presentation.
  • Interactivity Interact with your content by zooming in and out, annotating, spinning etc.
  • Video conferencing View and hear your audience, share desktop, documents and collaborate online, real-time. Save yourself the cost and
    associated risks of traveling.
  • Agnostic BYOD The interactive solution is able to communicate with any device regardless of brand or operating system. This way you do away with printing costs for your meetings and trainings.
  • Simplicity Easy to use solution that requires basic skills.

  • Dual OS (Windows/Android)
  • 10-point capacitive touch
  • Advanced infra-red technology
  • Pre-installed apps for enhanced productivity
  • Eco-friendly auto light and power adjustment
  • Wireless projection on screen from mobile devices
  • Multiple interfaces (You can connect just about any device!)
  • Scratch-proof, shatterproof ruggedized screen
  • Tough, industrial protective casing
  • Ease of integration with other solutions e.g. Polycom, Avaya etc.
  • Annotate Write, save and share your meeting notes on the unbound workspace without having to erase again.
  • Collaborate Brainstorming, mind mapping, strategy sessions with colleagues and partners locally and remotely made easy
  • Remotely participate Reach out to your audience all over the world right from your office and get them to
    do everything they would normally do where physically present
  • Present Get your audience hooked on to your presentation,
    no more sleeping audience
conference room
  • Students can easily save lesson notes to review later.
  • Tests/assessments can now go paperless.
  • Student devices now become learning tools.
  • No more Facebooking and MTV
  • Teachers can now share lesson notes remotely.
  • The one-stop, all-in-one solution makes the classroom neat and productive.
  • Teacher is able to share content on his screen with students’ devices
  • The digital signage solution enables you to update all your centres from
    the comfort of your office. Printing costs are completely eliminated
  • Digital menu books and guides can be made available to guests
  • Travelling information can be easily updated for passengers
  • Free up more space in your conference rooms with the wireless,
    all-in-one solution.
  • Generate more income lending your interactive solution to corporations
    using your conference room.
  • Display program information, wayfinder, multimedia presentations
  • You can now join international meetings from home with audience all over the world thereby saving yourself the cost, stress and risk of travelling
  • Collaborate with colleagues at work even though you are home
  • With the push of a button, convert the interactive solution to a home
    entertainment device.Watch the premier league and champions’ league on a large screen in HD quality.
  • Enjoy working on your designs on a clear HD screen.
  • Collaborate locally and remotely with co-designers online, real-time.
  • Attend meetings without leaving your office to discuss with clients
  • Get live, on-the-spot site updates (images and video) from engineers.
  • Add the power on interactivity to your designs.
  • Let your clients interact with your designs with ease.
  • Write on designs to effect corrections
  • With our content management system, manage thousands of signage
    boards regardless of their location all over the world. Bring your content to life!
  • Quickly put together your advert design in a matter of minutes!
  • Automate the scheduling of your adverts across all boards. Determine what shows where and what time content is shown.
  • Remotely access and control your screens right from the browser
  • Get your audience to interact directly with your products thereby stimulating purchase.
  • Centrally updating all your screens with your latest model and promo information without additional cost of producing roll up banners and fliers
  • Giving your visitors an opportunity to experience your new models by interacting with the models on an HD screen
  • Upgrading your showroom into a world class environment
  • Diagnosing cars and parts realtime online with manufacturers.
  • Display your wares on an attractive HD screens to which passers-by will be attracted.
  • Get them hooked up on you by interacting directly with your products without necessarily touching the real items.
  • Deploy a wayfinder so visitors to your store know where to go to check your wares.
  • Strategize your game play and share with your team.
  • Play, pause, slo-mo, rewind, fast forward and even annotate as you process video information.
  • Connect your screen with players devices so everyone can share ideas.
  • Show live games on the big screen for your players to observe game play.
  • Display live score so everyone is able to follow games.