MozaBook by Mozaik Education

MozaBook by Mozaik Education

MozaBook expands your teaching tools with versatile illustration, animation and interesting presentation possibilities. Spectacular interactive content and built-in skill-developing, illustrative and virtual lab applications help to arouse students’ interest and help acquiring knowledge.

MozaBook in the classroom and at home

Teachers can create their own exercise books or turn their textbooks into interactive digital textbooks with just a few clicks. Digital books and exercise books can be enriched with images, integrated drawings and interactive 3D models, as well as custom worksheets created with the built-in Test editor of mozaBook. More than 70 thematic applications provide a unique way of practising and deepening acquired knowledge.

The software supports touchscreen functions, its user interface can adapt to the display size, thus it can be used both on interactive boards and notebooks.

mozaBook is available in several versions, for students, teachers and classroom teaching.

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Key functions of mozaBook include the following

  • Using mozaBook digital textbooks, magnifying page sections without any loss in quality.
  • Playing interactive content included in mozaBook digital textbooks
  • Running interactive tools related to school subjects
  • Creation of exercise books and presentations with advanced presentation tools
  • Creation of publications from PDF documents*
  • Creation of custom content, notes, saving selections
  • Animated presentation software
  • Simplified and professional illustration tools
  • Intelligent drawing tool, relations diagram
  • Built-in 2D and interactive 3D shapes, image gallery
  • Built-in video and sound recorder, 3D player, Flash player and browser
  • Video tutorial in English
  • Offline / online use
  • Synchronize publications
  • Homework function, content sharing on institutional and country level*

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