WOWBoard Presentation @ Universal Basic Education Board, FCT, Abuja

face-of-learningEquipment Hall limited visited the Universal Basic Education Board in Abuja to demonstrate and introduce their new ICT invention named the WOWBOARD which according to them is a total fair classroom educational solution. It can be used in the classroom for learning and teaching of both the teachers and the student.

Mr. Ayorinde the company’s representative stated all the advantages and disadvantages of this WOWBoard and demonstrated how it would  be used, He said he has been in IT for the past 12yrs and this innovation is to break the barrier between private and public schools and also interactive is what the company is offering which is the new classroom technology evolution, He further said the equipment is scratch proof, has a full HD picture, it can be used simultaneously by as many as possible,  it has a memory to automatically save past event and has multiple interfaces.

Questions were raised by the board of directors and answers were supplied, one of which is ‘Is there an alternative power supply?  The company’s replied by saying that the equipment is a Hybrid solar.

The director of the Universal Basic Education Board, Dr Adamu Jatau Noma (mni) concluded by saying that the board would discuss beyond this, and assured that the board was ready to buy into any good innovative research that would improve the pupils academicals, and it would be introduced to schools that can easily access internet since it’s an internet based equipment. He further endorsed the WOWBoard by affirming that, “We are ready to buy any good innovative learning”.